Watering Cacti: In Winter, Summer, and During Flowering

In this article, you will learn how to water cacti properly. What are the features of watering in warm and cold seasons? What kind of watering is required for cacti during flowering?

The Basic Rules for Watering Cacti

Cacti do not need frequent watering. They absorb and retain water, and then use it little by little. If you water the plant with insufficient water, it will survive. Intensive watering can lead to rotting and various diseases. Therefore, it is better to water insufficiently than excessively.

Before watering, the water must be settled or boiled. Filtered water is also suitable for watering cacti.

  • If you use a watering can, you should remember that you cannot pour water on the plant itself. You can only moisten the soil. Pour the water closer to the edge of the flowerpot. This will prevent moisture from getting onto the plant.
  • With a sprayer, you can only spray water over the cactus. It will fall on the plant in the form of dew.

The day after watering, it is advisable to loosen the soil. This will saturate the soil with oxygen and avoid the appearance of mold and rot.

Ways of Watering

  1. Pouring water into the tray. Water is poured into a container in which there is a flowerpot. The roots of the cactus will absorb this water from below. With this method of irrigation, it is difficult to regulate the amount of liquid that the plant consumes. Therefore, it is better not to use this method, especially if you are a beginner.
  2. Watering the soil. Please note that you have to moisten all the soil when watering. If individual areas are wetted, they will dry out quickly, and the cactus will not receive enough water. After watering, remove excess water from the tray under the pot.

Watering Cacti in the Cold Season

Before irrigation, the water should be warmed up. Morning hours are the best time for watering cacti in the cold season. You should water the plant not more than once every two weeks. If it is cool indoors, you can reduce watering to once a month.

In case of high humidity, you can avoid watering the cactus until the warm season. In the cold season, if possible, it is better to transfer the plant to a warm room.

Watering in the Warm Season

During the warm season, water every 2-3 days. Especially if it is exposed to direct sunlight.

If you water the plant in the morning, the scorching sun can dry out the soil before the roots get wet. To avoid this, water the cacti later in the evening.

How to Water Flowering Cacti?

When a cactus begins to bloom, the need for moisture increases. The plant needs more nutrients to bloom its buds. It is necessary to increase the intensity of irrigation.

Spraying should be avoided. If drops of water get on the flower, the cactus may drop it.

In winter, it is very difficult to choose the right watering schedule for the flowering cactus. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the general condition of the plant:

  • If you have an adult healthy cactus, it can do without intensive irrigation.
  • A young or weak cactus may not withstand frequent watering in the winter. To save it from dehydration, you should remove the bud. Otherwise, the plant could die.